Flameless Heating

Temporary heating is a challenging industry. By partnering with Safety Thaw, you have the benefit of our ten years’ experience in design, manufacturing, and support of flameless air and glycol heating machinery. We work closely with our customers to provide options that add value and can be tailored to your specific requirements.  Quality, reliability, and innovative technologies ensure that heating operations are safe, support operations, and cost-efficient at all times – even under the toughest of conditions.

Our production range includes:

Flameless air heaters

Electric or Engine driven Glycol Process Heaters


Designed for portable heating applications - Our commitment is to develop the highest quality equipment to provide real-world solutions for demanding applications.
High performance, our flameless indirect fired heating system provides clean, dry heat in the most demanding conditions.


Exceptional Performance: Designed to minimize operating cost.

Digital Control

Our system provides industry-leading digital control designed to manage all aspects of the machine to deliver smart operation. Integrated thermostat control and ability to automatically modulate heat output and airflow based on ambient conditions provide real-world fuel and wear and tear reduction

Portable Operation

Our highly portable configuration allows simple and easy transportation.  We use a large integrated fuel tank to provide a reliable solution for continuously rated heating requirements. Our unit has 150% fluid containment and designed to US DOT and Transport Canada compliance. 

Green Operation 

We utilize a high-efficiency tier 4 final solution to provide reliable, low emissions operation.  Full US EPA and Environment Canada approved emissions system.   We integrate for long term operation with oversized DEF tanks for continuous operations. 


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Flameless Process Heating

Heating Capacity to 500,000 BTU/HR

Flameless Ground Thaw Heating

Heating Capacity to 500,000 BTU/HR

Concrete Curing Systems

Heating Capacity to 500,000 BTU/HR

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